Many upgrade options for all types of automatic transmissions!

Automatic Transmission Rebuild Repair and Service

  • ​Daily Driver transmission rebuilds
  • ​Warranty options available
  • ​HD, Racing and High Performance rebuilds
  • ​Custom converters and Trans Brakes
  • ​Diesel Truck upgrades
  • Billet triple disk converters
  • ​Shift Kits, Durability modifications
  • ​Custom machining for extra clutches 
  • ​Off Road, Drag Racing, Towing, Circle Track 

​Engine Building, Tuning and Dyno

  • In House Engine Dyno
  • ​HP Tuners, MEFI Burn, DHP pwr tuner 
  • ​Experienced with boosted applications
  • ​3800 L67/L32 4T65 
  • ​BBC / Mercruiser 
  • ​Close partnership with Carburetor EXPERT at CFS for any of your carb needs
  • ​Full Data Acquisition and 10 channels of O2 sensors for EACH individual cylinder


​Snowmobile Clutch Service

  • ​Reface sheaves
  • ​Shim, Clearance

​Fuel Injector Service

  • Flow Match testing
  • ​Ultrasonic Cleaning

​Manual Trans, T-Case and Differentials

  • ​Clutch and Flywheel Service
  • ​Transfer Case Repair and Rebuild
  • ​Manual Transmission Rebuilds and Upgrades
  • ​Differential Rebuild and Service
  • ​Posi, Locker, Spool Installs
  • ​Professional gear setup -  backlash, pinion preload and pinion depth recorded
  • ​Custom housing modifications and installation

ASK About our partnership with competition fuel systems!

Boat Services

  • ​Mercruiser Outdrive rebuild and upgrades
  • ​I/O Engine and Drive Removal and Installation
  • ​Supercharger Installations
  • ​Cryo / IsoRem Services available 
  • ​MEFI Tuning
  • ​Engine Out Services 
  • Late Model​ / LS / Corvette

High Performance and Custom Installs

  • Supercharger / Nitrous Installs
  • ​Gauges
  • Cam installs
  • Headers
  • Balance
  • ​Many other upgrades, Call for Details!

 we have specialized Tools for mercruiser outdrive service!

We stock common duramax transfer case halves and extension housings!

Drivetrain & Performance Specialists

​Custom Machining, Welding and Fabrication

  • ​MIG, Watercooled TIG, Plasma
  • ​Plow Mounts
  • ​Trailer Repairs
  • ​General Machining, Lathe, Mill
  • ​Racetronix Dealer
  • Thimble filters and small parts in stock​